1. What is Veterans Legacy?

    Veterans Legacy (VL) is a non-profit, 501C3 organization. Our Nonprofit Articles of Incorporation were filed with Oregon’s Secretary of State on March 18, 2016. The Bylaws of VL were adopted May 17, 2016. We were created to provide and coordinate support and treatment for veterans.

  2. What does Veterans Legacy do?

    Veterans Legacy will be a critical link between existing services. VL’s program provides a safe place in a rural setting for the Vet to live and work while continuing treatment. Vets will help care for the plants and animals on the farm, work in the kitchen, and assist with all manner of maintenance tasks.

  3. What project(s) is Veterans Legacy currently working on?

    Developing Relationships with other Agencies: Veterans Legacy will not be operating in a silo. We have been developing working relationships with Food For Lane County, St. Vincent DePaul and others. This work will continue to ensure a seamless network of services and resources to provide the very best care for our veterans.

    Camp Alma Rehabilitation: Camp Alma has been abandoned since 2008. The buildings and building systems such as the water and HVAC systems are in a horrible state of disrepair. We are currently working on both systems as well as having the Fire Suppression systems tested for compliance. We are reinstalling commercial kitchen equipment and supplies. Everything needs a thorough cleaning and the roofs need to be replaced along with areas of siding.

    Program Development: Part of creating a safe and healing environment for the veterans in our care, is to have programmed activities such as occupational and domestic training and counselling, as well as recreational and social activities designed to ensure a successful reintegration back into society. These programs are being development in concert with many local agencies to enhance effectiveness.

    Facebook: Follow us on Facebook at Veterans Legacy Oregon. This is the primary way we can let you know to check the website for upcoming volunteer events and other important news.

  1. How can I get involved?

    Follow us on Facebook. This is where we’ll let you know to check the website for upcoming volunteer events and other important news. Make a donation, either electronically or via a check on our Donation Page. Work parties to restore the site will be coming soon so please, keep checking back. Thank you

  2. How can I Make a Donation?

    Click on our Donate page, visit our Go-fund-Me page, or send a check to: Veterans Legacy, 1116 S. A Street, Springfield, OR. Please include a return address with your check so we can mail you a receipt.

  3. Is My Donation Tax Deductible?

    We are a 501C3 Public Benefit Nonprofit charitable organization, recognized by the IRS. You may take a tax deduction for your contribution to the full extent of the law.