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Dr. John LeBow, President of the Board of Directors

Veterans Legacy


Before I launch into this discussion, I want to thank all of the Veterans Legacy supporters who have contributed financially to our mission.  It’s much appreciated and I hope we continue to deserve that support going forward.

The Campus at Camp Alma is on the cusp of being able to accept Veterans into treatment with a few more fix ups and ongoing endeavors.  The stumbling block is financial – so what else is new in the world???  As a reminder, Veterans Legacy will be providing clothing, room/board, and therapy for each Vet on a 24/7 basis.  Supporting the staff needed for this is the biggest cost. Although we hope there will be some offset income from insurance for treatment, etc., the BOD doesn’t want to plan a budget on this basis.  Grant funding is always being pursued but is very slow and non-guaranteed on a long term basis as well.  The reality is that Camp Alma will never be self-sufficient financially, which is typical of residential treatment programs.  We’re not here to make money – we’re here to help Vets!

Soooo….. the idea was to create a financial nucleus that would allow reasonable budgetary planning.  That’s what the membership program for Veterans Legacy should accomplish.  More information on the website, but the essence is $60/yr. for individuals, $100/yr. for families and, of course, if the piggy bank is flush extra donations are always appreciated.  Remember, these are tax deductible!  This would be an annual membership.

So let’s do the number!  There are 42,000 Vets in Lane County and, of course, Veterans Legacy members don’t have to be Vets.  I like to say we need Division strength (10,000-15,000) of supporters spread between Vets, families, and friends.  For example, 11,000 x $60 = $660,000 – a big number but at full census (50) the budget will probably approach $1.4 million.  However, assuring this basic budget foundation annually helps with planning and impresses private sector donors, which will hopefully fill in the gaps.

I’m appealing to the pride of Lane County Veterans and citizens in taking care of our Veterans in need.  With your help, we can make Veterans Legacy/Camp Alma a locally and nationally recognized treatment center for our Vets!!!  Be a part of making sure “no one is left behind”. Please spread the word anyway you can. We need you!!!



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