Veterans Legacy and Camp Alma Goals

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Veterans Legacy Oregon recognizes that as a nonprofit organization, goals are always evolving and changing. Periodically, it’s wise to assess immediate goals and ponder more goals for the future. Briefly, the following are on the near term agenda:

  • 1. Continue to develop logistics for caring for our Veterans mental, emotional, and physical needs.
  • 2. Developing solid channels of referral to Camp Alma from community sources to work in coordination for best long-term outcomes for Veterans.
  • 3. Evolve from being primarily an initial respite from homelessness into a full-fledged treatment program with constantly expanding modalities of care.
  • 4. Developing interfaces with the business community to help ease the stress of getting individuals back into the work force.
  • 5. Continue to make fundraising into a sustainable format to help plan for the future.

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