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All we can say is that we’ve been very busy trying to get Camp Alma rehabilitated and we certainly have not spent enough time in communicating the ways in which you can help support our Veterans treatment program financially. Creating a loyal corps of supporters that understand the need to provide this specialized care and can help provide a stable financial platform for Veterans Legacy/Camp Alma going forward is imperative! So, let’s revisit the strategy and we believe the picture will become much clearer!

There are two principle reasons for the Partners program for Veterans Legacy. The first, as noted above, is to provide a funding source that can be depended upon for baseline budgeting on an annual basis. However, there is another reason directly linked to creating a large membership. When Veterans Legacy applies for grants, which we do routinely, the ability to demonstrate significant community support for our programs is a very important criteria that can have a big impact on the determination process. Additionally, many grants are structured so that there is a matching fund component, i.e. the donor wants to see that Veterans Legacy has the financial capability to team up with them for a specific project. Becoming a Partner accomplishes all of the above!

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Rehab work has included new water and HVAC systems, reinstallation of commercial kitchen equipment and walk-in freezer, new dorm beds and furniture, compliance testing of fire suppression systems, roof repair, building repairs, cleaning of facilities, greenhouse restructuring and an abundance of property upkeep — all by the generous, dedicated and hard-working supporters of Veterans Legacy Oregon.

To put things in perspective, our initial projections to provide room, board, clothing, and therapy for a Veteran is about $2,300/month, which would not include funding for large capital improvement needs we hope to approach through other revenue streams. At full census of 40, which won’t occur in the near term, you can see that annual expenditures will easily exceed one million dollars! Again, this sum will eventually be buffered to some degree by other income streams that will come on line sequentially. None the less, there will always be a need to cover many expenses that can only be done by community support. A big number? By all means it is daunting, especially as this needs to be generated on an annual basis. But as with many things in life, many hands can accomplish great things so let’s do the numbers:

An Individual Patriot Partner donation is $60/year
Basically $5/month or as we like to picture it, a “salute” a month.

A Family Patriot Partner donation is $100/year – a little over $8/month.

A Full Honor Patriot Partner donation is $250/year – a little over $20/month.

All donations can be set up on monthly withdrawal from a credit/debit card or bank account depending on your preference if you’d like! Of course, if the piggy bank will allow, larger donations are always appreciated and obviously you’ll be included in the Patriot Partner corps.

There are approximately 30,000 Veterans in Lane County and of course many more family and friends that believe in the mission of Veterans Legacy/Camp Alma. Some combination of 10,000 Partners (Division strength in military parlance) annually would provide a sizable basis for funding the needs for Veteran care. Check the website and watch the progress toward the Patriot Partner Division!! We encourage you to take pride in this project for our Veterans and be a Patriot Partner on a yearly basis. Together, we can take care of those who’ve given so much for us and do our best to “leave no one behind”!

Thank You for Joining the Patriot Partners of Veterans Legacy

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