Project List for Camp Alma 2020

The following is a list of projects, large and small, that might be of particular interest. Veterans Legacy would be glad to earmark individual funding to these various needs. Here’s hoping one or more piques your interest! Thanks!
We have a couple of volunteer barbers, but we need to outfit the work space.
Window Coverings
There is need for window coverings in the Big Dorm.
Gazebo and Fire Pit
A gazebo and fire pit is planned for the central part of the courtyard where the cement picnic tables are now.
Pole Barn Structure for the Metal and Woodworking Shops
A major goal for Veterans Legacy at Camp Alma is to be able to produce tiny homes built by the resident Veterans.
Clothe A Vet
When a Veteran comes to Camp Alma, it is anticipated there will be a serious need for clothing.

These projects are just a few of many on the horizen at Camp Alma. As we welcome more Veterans, more projects will be in the works. We welcome any donations for all projects.