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The rural forest location of Camp Alma, in the Coast Range, is the foundation within the therapeutic framework that Veterans Legacy will be creating. In the near term, Veterans Legacy’s program provides a safe, secure place in a rural setting for the veteran residents to live, develop relationships with peers, and work in a supportive community while continuing treatment.

Part of creating a safe and healing environment is to have daily scheduled tasks while allowing time for formal counseling and personal time for reflection. A balance of work and recreation will be strived for, as well as various vocational opportunities.

The foremost goal of Camp Alma is to create a treatment regimen that fully utilizes all available resources to allow the veteran choices in creating his own personal curriculum for maximum empowerment.

Veterans Legacy is committed to ensuring that our veteran’s successes are not limited to Camp Alma. It is our ultimate goal that when finished, each of our veterans leaves addiction free, with stable housing arranged, and many techniques to keep the balance in life going forward.


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