Legacy of Hope Volunteer Project

Legacy of Hope

Veterans Legacy was recently the beneficiary of a major upgrade in our administration building and in the green house complex provided by this year’s “Legacy of Hope” volunteers, a collection of property managers and service provider members of Multi-family Northwest, the State of Oregon’s largest housing association.

Multi-family Northwest’s “Of Hope” projects started modestly in 2008 with volunteer single family home improvement projects(yard/trash clean up, painting, floor covering, gutter cleaning, etc.) for the Relief Nursery of Eugene. Success and popularity caused growth into larger projects in both Lane and Benton County to include Eugene Mission, Southside Youth Outreach in Corvallis, St. Vincent De Paul, just to name a few.

This crew completely repainted the interior of the Administration Building at Camp Alma (probably hadn’t been done for 30 yrs. prior), arranged for complete new floor covering in the dining room and other non-carpeted areas, painted the shower room floors, and put up much needed gates in the greenhouse/garden area with no cost to Veterans Legacy.

It’s difficult to express our thanks for this comprehensive upgrade that has enhanced the entire campus.

Thank You to Legacy of Hope for the Blessing of Community Volunteers!